What is Capoeira?

Capoeira blends martial arts, dance, music, and acrobatics into a truly unique art form. Capoeira is "played" not "fought", allowing the the two players to explore endless movements and interactions.

What can I expect to learn in class?

Each class will consist of stretching, physical movement, and movement application. Learning the songs, instruments, history, and playing* will also be included, but not every class.

*Due to the nature and philosophy of capoeira, it is called "playing a game" as opposed to "sparring".

Do I need to take a beginner class or wait for a specific start date?

Não! (No!) Our classes can accommodate beginners at any point in the curriculum. Classes are formatted to have "themes", so we focus on the same movement or topic during the course of the theme. This allows beginners to get in-depth instruction on the technique while more advanced students hone their skills and work on those tiny details.

Am I too old/young? Too out of shape/inflexible?

Not at all! While our current class schedule is for adults, Monitor Talento has taught students as young as 4 and as old as 51.


Everyone is different. We don't expect new students to have a perfect backbend on the first day... or have a backbend at all. Every movement in class has levels of progression to allow for a building of strength and flexibilty in students.

I don't have any martial arts or dance experience, will I fall behind?

Nope! Each class will go over the basic movements that students need to participate. If there does happen to be a class with a slightly more advanced topic, a high-level student will work with a new student on the basic movements associated with the technique.

Can I use this as self-defense?

While we never promote fighting, Capoeira is excellent for self-defense. The physical techniques are supplemented by an increased awareness of your surroundings and the ability to read people's intentions.

What should I wear to class?

Please wear comfortable pants and shirt that you have full range of motion in. Students normally participate barefoot, but if you need to wear shoes, please use indoor-only shoes with a white or beige sole (student's tend to prefer Feiyue, Pumas, or Converse). We ask that students not wear shorts during class.

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