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Capoeira classes blend martial arts, dance, music, and acrobatics. Each class consists of stretching, physical movement, and movement application. We offer both weekly individual classes and monthly family classes.   

Individual Classes
Tuesdays 7:15-8:30pm
Drop-In: $10/class
11-Class Punch Card: $100
* All levels, beginners always welcome!
Our classes accommodate students at any stage of their learning, from beginners to advanced capoeiristas. Each month we follow a different "theme", focusing on the same movement or topic during the course of the theme. This allows beginners to get in-depth instruction on the technique, while more advanced students hone their skills and work on perfecting the techniques. If there does happen to be a class with a slightly more advanced topic, a high-level student will work with a new student on the basic movements associated with the technique.
Capoeira training also includes learning capoeira songs, instruments, history, and playing. Due to the nature and philosophy of capoeira, capoeiristas "play a game" instead of "spar".

Grand Rapids Capoeira, a school of West Michigan Cordão de Ouro

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